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The Best Real Estate Agents in Brampton Make Home Buying Easy


For most first time homebuyers, the process of applying for a mortgage and buying a home can be a very stressful time. The decision to purchase a home is a large financial and emotional investment, which can make it even more difficult to handle the wealth of information coming at prospective homeowners. Hiring an experienced REALTOR®or real estate agent can go a long way towards easing the burdens of the home buying process. Finding the best real estate agents in Brampton takes some due diligence. It is important for homebuyers to shop around and find a real estate agent that they can build a relationship with. Most Canadians will buy and sell more than one home in their lifetime, which means that choosing a good real estate agent is a decision that could pay off for years to come.


How Can a Real Estate Agent Help?
While it may be tempting to avoid the commission fees associated with hiring a real estate agent, buying a home is not a small investment decision. For most people, it will be one of the biggest financial decisions they make in their lifetime. A real estate agent will use their knowledge, skills, and expertise to work in the best interest of their clients, helping them buy and sell homes that meet their criteria and financial goals. Real estate agents will have knowledge of neighbourhoods, experience negotiating deals, and access to every home on the market via the MLS® (Multiple Listing Service), allowing prospective homebuyers to move quick and take advantage of investment opportunities.

What is the Cost?
Many people forget about the costs involved in hiring a real estate agent. While there is no up front cost to worry about, hiring a real estate agent can be expensive. Most real estate agents work on a commission basis with typical rates ranging anywhere from 1-6%. On a $500,000 home, 6% works out to $30,000. So, it is important to know the type of person you’ll be going into business with. Be wary of real estate agents looking to pressure you into a quick sale.

How Long Do Homes Usually Last for on the Market?
The real estate industry in the Greater Toronto Area is red hot at the moment. Typically, listings can be expected to last anywhere between 10 and 90 days, however, in hotspots like Brampton, Ontario, listings are being sold in an average of just 20 days.

Despite rising insurance premiums and changes in Canada’s mortgage rules, the price of homes in and around the Toronto area have continued to rise. Finding the best real estate agents in Brampton can help sell your home quickly and for more money than the asking price. Whether buying or selling a home, an experienced real estate agent will help take the stress out of the process, making it easy and enjoyable for the homeowners. Before hiring a real estate agent, be sure to ask questions and choose a person that meets your criteria.